Monday, 5 February 2018

Buddha Boy meditation by 3 years

Who is Buddha Boy?
Buddha Boy's story gained popularity in part because he was doing the impossible - not drinking, not eating, and sitting still for months on end - and partly because it resembles an episode in the life of Prince Siddhartha Gautama, who became a wandering ascetic then the historical Buddha, often called Shakyamuni. this man meditation 3 years. 
Buddah Boy Powers
Buddah Boy

Surprising News: Ram Bahadur Bomjon's Biography in Course book
Shubharambha Publication, Kathmandu has included the biography of Ram Bahadur Bomjon in its 'Spark English Reader' for the course of the students of Grade V of private schools in Nepal. According to Himalkhabar Magazine, the chapter with the title 'Ram Bahadur Bomjon' has covered many informations about Ram Bahadur Bomjon. See some examples:
- Ram Bahadur Bomjon is the reincarnation of Lord Buddha.
- He has meditated without food and water for several months.
- He had been fed by two Nags (holy snakes) during his meditation

- He had visited many places like Lumbini, Pokhara and Deharadun before he started

What Do Buddhists Think About Buddha Boy?

'' Do you know the Buddha boy of Nepal? '' I asked this question to Mr. Sugra Lama, a 40 year old famous, dedicated Buddhist of Nepal. "Yes." He replied. "Do you think he is the incarnation of Lord Buddha?" "He does not say he is Buddha." "OK, do you say like that?" '' Gautama Buddha says everyone can be Buddha. '' Lama replied.

The Mysterious Event
According to a website of Nijgadh, Ram Bahadur Bomjon's brothers Ganagajeet, Shyam and Babu along with sister Manamaya have already gone to Malaysia for employment. The sudden movement of this family has made a mysterious question for all. The family has grown in agriculture in the village. However, they have been given foreign country for employment.

Where is Ram Bahadur Bomjon Now?

According to the Himalkhabar Magazine of Nepal, he left left Halkhoria forest one year ago. He has gone to Kamalamai Municipality of Sindhuli But he decided to return Halkhoria. Before he returns, Nepal police destroyed his two houses made in jungle. Now he is living at Pattharghat-1, of Sarlahi district in Nepal.

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